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MB Celebrates 2 Years Sobriety

From MB:

"Two years sober. I'd like to take this time to officially publicly break my own anonymity. My name is MB Padfield and I'm a recovering alcoholic. My life was saved by a 12 step program. Today I no longer suffer from a daily addiction and severe dependency to alcohol. Even those closest to me had no idea what my drinking really looked like. Believe me when I say that the way I drank was going to take me out. The incredible life that I get live today is something I could've never imagined while I was actively using. I remembered how broken, desperate and hopeless I felt even while I was sober. It wasn't until I was introduced to RECOVERY, got a sponsor, worked the steps, and developed a relationship with power greater than myself is when I started to notice the change. I've dedicated my life to helping others to discover their own pathway to live in recovery and free from their addictions as it was so selflessly introduced to me. So grateful and thankful to be celebrating two years of sobriety and recovery. It could not be possible without the woman who saved my life, Amy Cloutier, the friends I've made in Alcoholics Anonymous, the friends/fans who have supported me, and my mum for her compassion, patience, and understanding. If you're struggling, I PROMISE you, there is an incredible life beyond what your disease and your mind has convinced you of. - ❤ MB ‪#‎WeDoRecover"

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