Alternative singer/songwriter based in Boston, MA. Fusion of pop, hip-hop, RnB, jazz and soundscape elements. Live-loop artist and guitar player.  Smokey vocals, new school technology, and a flair for old school musicianship puts her show outside the box.

MB began her full time professional music career at age 16 and since, has never held a "real" day job.

Unique setlist, re-imaginations, mashups and her signature --song stacking-- where she loops multiple songs on top of each other at the same time.  She draws her influences from modern songwriters, hip-hop legends and classic rock gods. 


ORIGIN: Boston, MA

GENRE: Alternative Singer/Songwriter (AC)

YEARS ACTIVE: 2012 - Present

LABEL: Unsigned (Happily)





BOOKING/INQUIRIES:  MB@MBpadfield.com or here

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