MB currently lives in Los Angeles as an independent songwriter.  She has a passion for all things pop music but is also influenced by neo-soul, RnB, hip-hop, and rock.  She’s been lyrically described as “blunt, brilliant and chilling”.  MB believes lyrical depth, melodic harmony, and groove rightfully deserve a voice in pop writing.  


Her songwriting abilities were honed during her time writing commercial jingles.  She’s written and/or performed on commercials for Disney (Japan), Subaru, Workout World, and many (many) more.  


She moved cross-country to LA from Boston in 2018 to pursue songwriting.  On the final leg of the trip, her u-haul trailer lock was cut and stacks of all her songwriting notebooks were stolen.  She has now been working on all new material.


She left high school when she was 14 and became a full-time musician by the age of 16.  She started playing solo shows (voice + guitar) in bars, restaurants, and private events 3-7 nights a week in the NH area.  Since that time, she’s played over 1000+ shows. 


In her off time, she enjoys cruising on her Harley, watching live music, and bedazzling everything within arm's reach.  She has been sober from alcoholism for over 5 years and remains active in the recovery community.